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We hope this page will answer your questions.  If you still find that you need more information after browsing our website, please call our office so one of our exceptional staff members can assist you.

I am not a patient, do I need a referral?

Most often we require a referral from a physician, but we may require records from any physician who has been treating you for the condition for which you are needing treatment.  We will need office visit notes and diagnostic testing (MRI, CT scans, EMG reports, X-Rays, etc.)  Our physicians review all new patient consult requests before consideration of accepting a new patient.

I don’t have traditional Medical insurance, but I am a part of a Christian health cost-sharing ministry. 
Can I make an appointment?

If you are a part of a health cost-sharing ministry such as Christian Healthcare Ministries, Samaritan, Liberty Health Share or Medi-Share, please let our office know about your coverage and provide proof that your membership is active. You will be required to pay the full cost of your visit the day services are rendered.


Do you accept Worker’s Compensation?

No. We do not accept any type of worker’s compensation or patients wanting to be seen for work-related injuries. This includes, but is not limited to: State or Federal Worker’s Compensation and Employer-Funded Worker’s Compensation. Please refer to the TWCC website for a listing of participating providers.


Do you treat Automobile Accident Injuries?

No.  We do not treat automobile accident related injuries.

Do you accept Medicaid?

No. Dr. Marcus K. Parker is not a Medicaid provider.  Our office does not accept patients with Medicaid as primary, secondary or tertiary insurance.

Have more questions?  Give us a call at 832-437-3688.

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